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HUMAIRAHHHHHH [entries|friends|calendar]
I have your tooth. No, really.

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IN YOUR DREAMS, KID. [May 29, 2010 | 03:29 AM]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Dear Toothfully,

The need to post an entry has come.. I feel bad because I only post when I feel like it. Why do people take things for granted? Whoever came up with this whole "take it for granted" feeling should suffer. It's because of this particular phrase that makes people down and dead instead of up and alive.. Why do people break up and then make up? Why is the sky blue? Why must there be days and nights why can't there be just one time of the day either a day or a night well I don't know. Why do friends come and go and why do people laugh and then cry and then laugh again but they cry again the very next day? Why isn't anyone giving answers to all of these questions in my head... I need some answers.

While I try not to relate to any of the above, things can get out of hand sometimes. And most of the time, I have completely no idea what to do or say or even think - I'd just tell myself to shut the fuck up and be quiet. Close my eyes, breathe, and don't speak. Guess that's all I can afford to do.. What do you do if you were me? Would you do the same? Or would you do something different? Please share, I'd love to hear from you. Really. Oh issue of trust - even your bestest best best good close friends may have lied to you in a way or another without you realizing and knowing. Trust me, they do. They'll try and run away with it after that. They have plenty of secrets that they don't tell you. Of course you wouldn't know what those secrets are, because they don't tell you. Chances are perhaps they told "your other friends".. Man that'll feel like shit. Now you feel left out. They'd only call when they're alone.. Or is in a middle of an emotional crisis (non-stop hits of whines and cries).. Or whatever that makes them unhappy. Isn't that a little too mainstream already? Someone should start something different. Like, have no friends AT ALL and still be a cool individual with hardcore guts. Sometimes I don't see why the need of friends is so goddamn important. I wished I was a little snail with my hardcase shell sheltering me despite this freaking unpredictable weather. Although I am pretty slow in moving at least I know I have my shell mmm as a really close, literally close friend of mine. But I can't be a snail now, I'm already made a human.

Seriously, why do we even need love from anyone? It's pointless. These constant cries and sobs.. Pointless max.

For the record, this entry does not have anything to do with my friends. Just some thoughts that needed to be puked out.

Morning everyone, it's 330am in the morn.

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